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About us:

Premium Baking Products is a family business grounded by Stefan Bornemann who is a master baker. The company is based on experience and knowledge that Stefan has gained over 35 years working within the international baking industry.

Our strength lies in our ability to be flexible, economic, showing forsight, keeping business planning simple and a solid co-operation with both customers and suppliers to ensure a quality driven efficient service with a vision for the future.

At Premium Baking Products we place high value on building relationships with our customers that are based on sound work ethics, respect and honesty as this can be the only guarantee for a prosperous business based on our principle of:

"Hand In Hand For Best Quality"

Home for us lies in you bakeries, spread across all 5 continents, drawing on that mouth watering aroma, and those little extras that make your bakery special. Through co-operation and teamwork with customers, suppliers and international export specialists, we can deliver products that meet your individual requirements and demands.